Loans with withdrawals on a prepaid card.

One of the characteristics of online loans is that you must have a bank account in your own name to apply for the extra injection of money (we must figure as its owner). It serves three purposes. First, after submitting the loan application, we make a transfer from it, the so-called verification fee of Npn 0.1 or Npn 1 (the exception is Waing, which charges a fee of Npn 0.1), which is to confirm the accuracy of the data entered in the online form. Secondly, to transfer the funds allocated. Third, to repay the liability. No personal account automatically prevents us from taking a loan. At least, that was until recently, because a prepaid card appeared on the Polish non-banking market, to which a specific loan amount was transferred. Thanks to this, we can get a loan without a bank account.

Pre-paid loans from Net nos.

Pre-paid loans from SMS365

Net nos. is so far the only loan company offering withdrawals for O! Card prepaid cards. The service can be used by anyone who decides to take a loan from Net nos. for the amount from 200 to 3000 Npn for 30 days. All you have to do is select the “no account” option when submitting your application. After successfully completing the verification process, i.e. granting the loan, a courier will appear within one business day and will provide us with a prepaid card. It is necessary to show an identity card upon receipt. You also need to prepare for two expenses. We will pay Npn 19 for issuing the O! Card, while its delivery by courier costs Npn 20.22. Fees are added to the cost of the loan and are not refundable.

For a month, prepaid card was also available in Viloan. However, it served as a gift for regular customers of the brand, who between August 3 and 31 decided to make another loan. The gift consisted of Npn 60 recorded on the card and access to rebates (up to 55%) in 3,000 retail and service outlets.

Handy prepaid card

Handy prepaid card

A prepaid card, also called a prepaid card, is a handy solution, not only because it does not require a personal account contract to be associated with any bank. With its help, we will withdraw funds at an ATM, as well as pay for purchases in a stationary or online store. They are also honored by various service and commercial outlets, e.g. restaurants, cinemas, etc.

Credit restructuring loan, understand how it works?

The bank restructuring loan is increasingly claimed by French households. However, there is still 15 years ago, the French were not at all informed about this type of banking product to the effects of budget restructuring. discover throughout this news, the operation of a restructuring loan.

The restructuring loan: how does it work?

The restructuring loan: how does it work?

The restructuring loan: how does it work? Its operation is rather basic, its principle is based on the action of restructuring several credits in order to recast the management of the personal budget.

The realization of a credit restructuring operation is done through the intervention of a financial institution or a credit buy-back bank that agrees to buy back all the credits subscribed by the applicant(s) to the creditors. different creditors to make only one new credit.

Unlike the renegotiation of mortgage rates that result in a better rate for your home loan to reduce the total cost, the restructuring loan is to find a solution to a problem of repayment or cash.

To make a restructuring loan, it is recommended that you go through a loan buy-back broker who takes care of all the steps required to complete the reorganization.

Your credit restructuring broker

Your credit restructuring broker

The credit restructuring broker is an intermediary in banking and payment services (IOBSP) for the benefit of its private clients. Registered in the unique register of the ORIAS, it is a true professional in the sector where it exercises, ie the banking intermediation.

His knowledge of all facets of the banking world allows him to orchestrate numerous budget restructuring solutions for individuals seeking a restructuring of their credits.

Choosing a good credit broker is recommended to successfully complete a debt restructuring transaction. It determines Algernonment’s plan best suited to your restructuring needs, and negotiates the best conditions for Algernonment through the offer of its panel of privileged banking partners.

In a single appointment, make a simulation of online loan buyback, and compare the offer of the largest bank buybacks market.