Support for indebted persons

As shown by the NBP data on debt, our country is not the worst in comparison to Europe. We only take 14th place. However, there are over 2.5 million people in debtors’ registers who do not pay off liabilities such as online loans, loans, alimonies and utilities. It is true that the situation of debtors is improving. More and more new programs are being created aimed at economic education. Banks and loan companies are often the initiators of these programs. Although these institutions earn money by granting loans and payday loans, they are also aware of the risks arising from the bad use of the products they offer. Appropriate education of consumers means that loans taken out are repaid on time, thanks to which both customers and loan companies achieve their goals.

The law is also changed in favor of those who are not debt-free. Persons in crisis can file for consumer bankruptcy. The rules for this procedure have been significantly simplified, so that consumer bankruptcy can be a real help for people with serious financial problems. Mediation with creditors is also promoted. It should be remembered that having financial problems should not avoid contact with creditors.

How not to get into debt

How not to get into debt

First of all, to avoid falling into debt, you need to make informed financial decisions. When deciding on a quick online loan, we should properly assess our financial capabilities. Let’s not get into debt without need. So make sure you use products such as credit cards or overdrafts on your account. It is also worth to save money on the so-called “Rainy day” to have additional funds in the event of job loss or prolonged illness that will enable us to pay our debts on time.

What to do if you can’t deal with debts

What to do if you can

First of all, remember not to avoid contact with creditors. Contact the company you owe and explain briefly and concisely what situation you are in. In such situations, many companies try to offer their clients unique solutions, e.g. in some loan companies with a short-term commitment – we can apply for a payday loan in installments. The offer of consolidation loans can also be an attractive solution. This type of activity is not a common practice but to meet clients in exceptional situations.

The Association ” Debt Support Program ” also operates in Poland. This association provides both mental and advisory support for people who have fallen into a spiral of debt. Groups of Anonymous Debtors are currently operating in three cities in Poland – in Warsaw, Poznań and Gdańsk. The Community of Anonymous Debtors is a place where we can share our experience, get psychological support and support others who also have problems similar to ours. Participation in classes is free, and the only condition the Association sets for participants is their willingness to get out of debt


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